Far 21x7 28x7




So I was having issues with getting an echo in high and low pulse widths so I replaced the magnetron and it seemed to take care of that problem. Now while in all pulse widths I am getting a fault that acts like when you range up or down how it clears out the video. That same thing is occuring in the middle of a video sweep intermittently. No settings are being changed I have already done tune initialization for the new magnetron. I have the unit in auto tune, gain is set to 60 "like I tune initialized it in", and sea and rain are set to auto. What could the issue be? I only have an operators manual for my radar is there a technical manual I should also have? I have either a 28x7 or a 21x7 I don't know how to differentiate between the two
Hello RMD,

Is the radar displaying any alarms? A couple things can cause the radar to re-draw the picture like that. If position or heading data is lost, the radar will redraw. Also, if the heading data is not coming in at least 100ms to the unit it will that error.

An easy way to troubleshoot the in coming data is to just disconnect them, if the problem goes away, them you know there is an issue with the data. If the problem continues with position and heading removed, there could be a problem with the heading pulse or bearing pulse, that can also cause the picture to redraw.

The only difference between the 28X7 and 21X7 is the size of the monitor. I'll send you pm about the technical manual.
Thank-you for the quick response,

After furter troubleshooting, I discovered that the heading sensor is what is causing the re-draw. I disconected the heading inputs with the GPS inputs present and the re-draw went away. The heading data on is set to 200ms and the baud rate is set to 4800. Our heading data is first sent to our NavNet VX2 then outputted through the network to the FAR 28X7.

So far I've tried clearing the memory and running the diagnostic test. No fault evident. Is it clear that the heading sensor is the issue?