False ARP targets-compass issue with Simrad?



First time post but long time Furuno user (40+ years)

Have a 2 station networked VX-2 unit that used to work fine both AIS and ARP with a Robertson/Simrad pilot that I used for heading input. Both share one antenna-vessel has 2 antenna 4' open array.

I installed a new Simrad pilot and I do get good Overlay as well as a correct compass heading on the VX2 so I am "assuming" that I am getting heading input from the Simrad fluxgate compass.

However the ARP is very hard to aquire and then it's not accurate to the actual target and moves "weirdly" in regard to the movement of the actual target. So ARP is not working.

Tracking works fine.

Just wondering if anyone has a quick fix in the set up.

When I do a Memory I/0 test the heading input comes up -- (2 dashes) so I am guessing that the input of the new fluxgate from Simrad is perhaps incompatible or I have not done set up properly.

I'm in the middle of a 2500 mile delivery and since everything else works fine I don't have time or inclination to pull the unit for the bench.

I did do a quick read here and did not find the answer. :sail
Hello Fishy,

The NavNet VX2 system requires AD10 heading data for the ARPA to function correctly. AD10 is our own heading format, but other manufactures, such as Robertson/Simrad, can often output this heading format. Sometimes it is a setting in the menu, other times it requires an additional component from them.

I recommend that you contact your dealer to find out what is needed to get AD10 heading from your new system, into the NavNet VX2.

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