FA50 -> WiFi -> iPhone



I would like to connect my FA50 to a wireless connection that I could then pick up with my iPhone using iNavX or some other app. Is this possible? Would it work to plug the FA50 into a wifi switch or gateway and then look for the TCP/IP in iNavX on the iPhone.

The reason I need this is because I have a NavNet 1 that will not display my AIS data so I am sending, but I cannot see anyone else right now.

Any ideas?


Brad Schultz II
The NavNet network is not an open standard, so any solution you might have would be using NMEA 0183, then to a Wi-Fi device and lastly to a proper iPhone app. I am not aware of any solution to accomplish this goal. If you find something, let us know.
Do you know of any stand alone option such as a small ais screen that would interface with the FA-50 ethernet? I would like to be able to view it some other way than MaxSea and a laptop.
No, not via ethernet. The FA50 offers a serial 0183 NMEA output that could interfaced to a PC and viewed with many software packages. Currently there is no option to view AIS data via the ethernet network on a PC other than MaxSea and Nobeltech Trident. (correct version and/or optional modules required)
i am also trying to do this. I have purchased a nmea to wifi box from hodges marine its a digital yacht Smart WLN10. i havent recieved it yet bur im hoping to get it up and running. They have an app that will overlay AIS targets on navionics charts on an ipad.