FA-50 AIS on VX2

OK, I have just hooked up an FA-50 AIS unit into my VX2. it appears to be working according to the lights on the box but I usually always have an AIS target (base station i believe) on my display with my other units. ( have and AIS setup on NN3d on another boat) at my house.

I just want to check and see if I might be missing something since I am not as familiar wit the VX2 as I am with the NN3d.

the VX2 was connected to a DFF1 sonar via network cable, that cable goes directly to the round plug on the back of the unit. for the time being I just unplugged the DFF1 and plugged in the FA-50. I also connected the AIS antenna and the GPS antenna.
I logged into the AIS unit with my laptop and programed the mmsi # and such. left all the IP address as default.

I connected the unit back up and I am not getting the normal target on the screen

I updated the VX2 to the latest software a few days ago. Also in the track settings I set it to AIS only or Both..

What else might I be missing?? The other boat with the AIS unit is quiet a ways away and I really dont want to have to tow this down to it just to see if the two boats can see each other via AIS.

Thanks for any suggestions
If you can see an AIS target on your NN3D/AIS system, you should be able to see the same target on the VX2/AIS system as well, provided they are in similar locations and have similar AIS antennas. Not sure what settings you made in the FA50. The FA50 should have a blinking yellow receive light. This light will not blink at a constant rate, but will blink when receiving data. You should also have a green power light. The TX light is blue and will only blink when you transmit, so if you are stationary, about every 3 min or so. If you have a red light or the TX light is blinking yellow, you have an error. Blinking yellow TX light usually means you do not have a connection between the FA50 and a VX2, NN3D or TZT display. From your description, sounds like you are not seeing this and the FA50 is in a normal condition. Make sure you have AIS targets turned on in the Marks menu of the VX2. Also in the VX2, under the general menu, AIS option, make sure the AIS display mode is not set to off and the range is set to a distance that would at least include the closest known AIS target. On the FA50, under Network setup, make sure the AIS data out is set to something other than Auto, VX2 will not work with auto selected. Not much else you have to set up on the VX2. If you have already done all of this, you could bring the FA50 to your NN3D boat and temporarily connect and test it there. Plus you can recheck all the FA50 settings with the unit connected up to a NN3D, without having to use a computer.