F-501 and 503



This past wkend I finally completed the install after hauling the boat out 3 wks ago for bottom paint.

The F 503 knot/ depth problem. When I try to go in setup 1, hold the 2 buttons down momentarily, nothing happens but when I hold for 5-6 seconds I get setup 2. I want to get into setup 1 to change the meters to feet and C to F, not that its not a bad idea to keep exercising the ol' brain on the conversion but since my MFD is in feet, lets keep everything together.

The F 501 wind gives me only apparent wind and when I push the button for true, nothing.

Thanks for your help.
Hello sailsense,

To get into Setup 1, you simply press and release the LOWER key and the SELECT CLEAR keys at the same time. Don't hold them in for any period of time.

To get True Wind, the FI501 needs heading data. if you have a compass in your system, make sure that data is getting over to the FI501 and then try setting it to display true.


Thanks for the reply, on the F 503 I did that and no setup 1 popped up, no depth data screen. I tryed it multiple times even had my son try it since he is more computer smart.

DId not know that F 501 needed to intigrate with compass, I have installed the PG500R compass. I did set it up so I can get radar overlay on the 3D MFD.

So, how would I get the data from compass to wind???

I hard wired the F 501 and F 503 separate, so I guess you are telling me I should have installed the junction box :questions .