Explorer cloud sync?

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Has anyone figured out if it's possible to synchronize info between two computers running MSTZ Explorer via cloud storage?
I would like to plan a route at home, sync it to the cloud, arrive at the boat, sync etc.
It would be nice to have both PCs showing the same info.
Hello Robert,
Currently to synchronize your marks, tracks, etc., you would have to exchange files. You would save your information onto an SD card or jump drive using the “Import/Export Wizard” under the Maxsea logo. Then bring that storage devise with you to the boat and upload it into TZ using the same “Import/Export Wizard”. Could you save this information to a cloud server, yes, but if you are the only one using it then I don’t see how that would make synchronizing your information any easier. Automatic pushing of user information and data to, say a “My Maxsea site”, is for possible future development.

Thanks Birdman.
I wondered if it's possible to use something like Skydrive to sync the files. (And which files?)
I am out of my depth here, hence the post.
Am really pleased with MSTZ Explorer now. The initial problems are sorted and it's delivering all I had hoped for. The ability to share charts between a PC at home, a PC onboard and the MFD is just brilliant. If I could sync the 'user data', it would be another step forward.

Idea for the future as more and more boat install their own internet access systems, but right now there is no sync to cloud feature. I will pass the idea to product development.
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