I want to buy EUROPEAN High Resolution TIDAL CURRENTS but I must be sure it is working on NavNet3d. Can you confirm? In shop it looks like it is only for MaxSea Time Zero.
Which charts were you refering to? A quick check of our website and MaxSea Time Zero indicate they are the same charts.
Go to and click on prodcuts. From there click on Charts for NavNet 3D, MaxSea Time Zero, and TZ Touch. Open the charts for Europe and refine the search by clicking the Tides and Currents. You will find 5 charts listed. They work with all NN3D, MXTZ, and TZT.

I hope this helps.
When I go to charts for NN3D no currents are listed but when I go to Charts for 3D, TZtouch & MaxSea TZ I see the current maps. It also say To purchase this chart pack, you will need to provide your MaxSea TimeZero Serial Number
and nothing about NN3D so I was little confused. The map I want is MM3-28P-CRT.
Thanks for reply.
The MaxSea TZ software uses these high resolution Tidal current charts mainly for the folks using the Weather Routing module/feature in the software. The NN3D doesn't offer a weather routing module/feature like the MaxSea TZ software. This chart is designed for the MaxSea TZ system not NN3D.
Ok. North of Scotland (Pentland) the current run with 8-10knots twice a day so I just wanted the current map to plan the arrivel of this place. If we get it against us we go 5knots and with us 20knots. But if it dont work no problem. Good I ask before buy.