ETR-6/10N Error Code



I have a navnet with a ETR-6/10N connected through a network hub to a 1722C Radar/Plotter. The transducer (don't know number) also has temperature. The sounder function appears correct but I'm getting an error on the temperature display. The display shows an asterisk in place of the leading digit such as *7.9. What is this code specific to, sounder, transducer, thermister?

Additionally I should mention the temperature was working until recent.

By the way, love my Furuno, just added a 1700C and RD-30. :furuno
Welcome to the Forum. I am glad you are enjoying your Furuno system.
Normally when water temp problems are encountered with a sounder; it is typically related to a problem in the transducer. (Temp sensor going bad)

Please read the following thread and conduct the test I describe in my first response. Let us know your findings.

The transducer is Airmar 525ST-MSD Triducer B744V.

Measured resistance between pin 4 and 7. Resistance @ 68°F = 3900ohms. This resistance according to the chart would equate to 122°F so I'm guessing now that the error code is an indication the resistance is out of range.

According to chart should be around 12Kohm at current water temp.

Do the thermistors fail in this way or could it be in the wiring?
It is normally the thermistor that is internal to the transducer. It is rarely the cable or sounder. This can be replace by using a Y cable and putting on a separate temp sensor, rather than replace the entire transducer. With the B774V, there is also an option to replace your speed insert with one that contains a replacement temp sensor. You might discuss the various options with your dealer.
Thank you so much for your help. I believe I'll investigate pulling the speed sensor and splicing in a temp sensor. Not much need for speed with GPS available.
I forgot to mention, out of curiosity I adjusted the temperature off-set to -24F and the display read 98.5 without the asterisk. I believe the asterisk shows when the temperature reading is greater or equal to 100 or reaches triple digits.

Thanks again.
Yes, you normally get an asterisk when the value is out of range. If you can adjust the offset within range, it will go away. If the offset can be done enough to bring your temp sensor back to a correct number; even better. That is basically what the offset is for. (Calibrate your temp) When the temp sensor goes too far off the beating track, it needs replaced.