ETR 30n not displaying temp from ducer



I have a VX2 and an etr30n. For some reason , with an airmar b270ss, it will not display temp. It will take temp from nema, on an external temp probe, but not from its own transducer. I DID change settings from NEMA to ETR. It does appear that most of the talking sentances have been turned off.
The ETR30N (aka BBFF3) has no temp connection from transducers.
Normally customers with this older sounder used a analog temp to NMEA converter to use temp coming from a transducer that offered temp.
How is your transducer temp connected/wired?
I didn't realize that I had to get approved for submitting a thread. I have the same conversation going on here and in the sounder forum. My temp is wired into the plugs provided for High and Low inputs to etr30. What is the part I need to convert the temp info to NEMA? Thanks in advance.