DSC Position Report Truncated



Problem: The decimal portion of Lat/Lon DSC position reports are truncated (or set to zeros) when displayed/charted.

Example: position report received 39 07.25N 76 14.52W is shown on TZT 9 as N 37 07.000, W 76 14.000 and that incorrect vessel position is marked on the chart.

Equipment: TZT 9 with V 3.01 update connected to Standard Horizon Matrix GX 2000 via IF-NMEA2K2 in AIS mode.

I have verified the position report received by the Matrix GX 2000 contains the decimal portion of the Lat/Lon.
Perhaps you have differnt unit Setting, meaning degrees, minutes and seconds at one unit and decimal minutes at the other???
Both devices are configured to display lat/long in the same format.
Hmmh, just a wild guess but perhaps the nmea2k gizmo truncates the Position, Kind of lost in Translation.

another try: Change the Format of lat(lon on both Units and check if there is a change.

Reminds me having a similiar issue when displaying pos. requests....
Update: Just checked that with a pos request to ship next to me: I also got a truncated pos Report like you.... Radio is RO4800 connectected to 9TZtoch V 3.01. Radio Shows correct pos values.

Dont know if ist a tztouch Problem or nmea converter

Just learned that there is a newer Firmware for the nmea2k2 converter, issued this summer. Seems that normal customer cannot d/l this update :-(

Perhaps furuno can make this update downloadable, so that we can give it a try :respect
The latest software for the IF-NMEA2K2 is online, I just made sure of that. However, it will not help, the issue is still there. Right now I don't know if the problem is with the TZT or the IF-NMEA2K2. I will find out and let you know.

Thanks lBirdman!

Will update anyway, because the 1.03 fixes some issues with the nav711. But that wont be easy, nowadays Laptops with a Serial port arent easy to find :capt
Word is that the IF-NMEA2k2 software will need to be changed for the DSC/DSE function you brought up. Thanks for reporting it.
Thanks for the update Johnny. Is there any way to request future software updates to the IF-NMEA2K2 are executed via the TZT as a sensor update in addition to using a serial connection?
Help needed:

I tried to update the nmea-converter via serial Connection.

When it Comes to this Kind of Connection/wiring I am not that stupid because I Play around with this Kind of Connection since 1988.

But something strange happens: The green power led of the converter is off, ist not working anymore.

Is it possible to spoil the Firmware of that converter while trying to update with that outcome? Or is there any internal fuse I blew?

Any hint is welcome

It is normally best to send the unit in for a free upgrade (for those that can).
When doing your own update; the unit is wired up as shown in the upgrade document, BUT they left out something. The unit should have power applied from the NMEA 2000 side of the converter. This should ONLY be the power (no data) so that the unit will get power and not be confused by any NMEA 2000 activity. I will let them know that the instructions need to be fixed. It explains why the LED is out (no power).
Well, sending untis to Furuno etc etc is a lot of work, upgrading is done within minutes.....

This "no data" Point is realy missing in the document.

But to make a Long Story short: Is it still possible for the customer to update the unit with the power led off or can that only be done by Furnuno?

BTW: Sorry for the typos, but this Editor is putting in capital letters randomly.

Upgrading the firmware is at your own risk because if not done correctly; it will be worthless. Normally it is best it send it into the service center for a free upgrade.
Yes, I already copied that, but my question remains unanswered:

Is it for me possible to bring the unit "back to life" or not?

And of course I do updating at my own risk as well as I sail on my own risk.

But if Furuno explains how tu update then there should not miss the "Detail" power yes/data no :shock:
I know of no way to restore a unit when the firmware has been blown, or the unit has been damaged. The update instructions left out the info on having power applied to the unit, so if followed, no damage would result. Just having the 0183 wires connected, as shown, wouldn't have worked or damaged the unit. I have reported the issue so the instructions should be revised. If your unit isn't working at all, you might send it to the service center to see if there is anything they can do, but it doesn't sound good. The LED should light when connected to a powered NMEA 2000 network.
Thank you Johnny for the additional Input.

I wont give up early.....I flashed a lot of Units including android phones which looked like bricked but I brought them back to live....time will tell.

I already ordered a new converter, thanks god they are "quite cheap".

If I fail I will have at least a nice paper weight :-D
Just installed the convertet with the uodated Firmware. First Check result is that dsc Position cominf from a Radio ocean Radio is still truncated