DSC distress location plot on NN3D



I have a MFDBB (software version 2.08) with MU150HD display. The FA-30 AIS receiver has a VHF antenna splitter and shares the VHF antenna with an Icom M604 VHF radio. The M604 is connected to the MFDBB via NMEA0183 on Port 3.

The MFDBB sends GPS info to the VHF. The VHF manual states the the VHF will output DSC sentences DSC and DSE to plot other ships position data, which is especially useful when a DSC distress signal is received. However, when setting up Port 3 on the MFDBB, there is no option for DSC input (just wind, depth, etc). Also, the MFDBB "Data Sources" page lists AIS but does not list DSC.

How can I plot received DCS ship location on my display? Does the FA-30 perform this function? How would the DSC location be displayed (to distinguish it from the green triangle for AIS targets)?
DSC/DSE are automatically processed by the NN3D for the port you wire it into. No checkmark is required.

What the symbol looks like is posted in the Black Box operators manual on page 1-27.
Thanks, Johnny!!

I see I am two-for-two in asking questions that were well documented in the Operator's Manual. Lesson Learned: check the enclosed CD, not just the paper manuals!

I have learned much by reading your replies to others' questions. Good job!!