Hi All
I have a new problem with my Navnet set up - an MFD12, DFF1, 525TID-TMD, BBWGPS, a DRS4D, HUB 101 and a PG500R. It was all working great including radar overlay for the last few trips since the installation and now it gives a “tuning error” alarm and the radar screen doesn’t show anything more than when it is on standby. I press the menu button and it takes me to the alarm which says the date and time and “tuning error”. Checked all the connections at the back of the mfd12 and the pg500r baud rate of 4800 and made sure to set it for 100ms. I can hear the drs4d working as usual but no info on the screen and no radar overlay on the chart. I also set everything back to default and booted up several times, :huh but no go. Any ideas? :oops:
Thanks in Advance- Tarpontony
I have found that "tuning error" means "TURNING error". Please open the dome cover and inspect the scanner. You can get at least 4 feet away and run the radar and see if the array will turn when you transmit. (Don't do this when it is raining) :D
Last time I heard of this error was a loose cable (not installed correctly) inside the dome was preventing the array from spinning.
Thanks for the quick reply-OK I will go the marina tomorrow and check under the dome and tell you what I find and if it solves the problem- thanks again :furuno .
Hi Johnny
Ok so I went out to the marina with high hopes :) Took the dome off and the array spins happily around but shows nothing on the radar screen. Checked all the connections at the back of the MFD12 and all the power and data connections for everything. While turning the MFD12 on a few times the radar actually worked fine for a few minutes a couple of times but then went bsck to beeping "TUNING ERROR" and nothing on the radar screen although everything else works great. Rebooted the pg500r and reset 4800 baud rate, checked heading on port 2, and set it to 100ms. Then set everything to default sttings then did the wizard a few times- still no go but the array is spinning fine. Did the Radar optimization in the wizard and this shows a small screen with radar track on it and this startsd up the radar array and it spinns then it says radar is optimizied and dosen't indicate any problem. As soon as I start everything up and then turn on the radar I get the "TUNING ERROR" and beeping alarm and nothing on the radar screen except right near the middle you can see a little tiny bit of color as the array turns. :sorry This really is a Bummer since everything was working great and now I have this glich that doesn't let the radar function :thumbdown
Any Ideas :? I am at my wits end!
Check the reed relay switch up in the scanner.
There is a small magnet on the bottom of the array that will pass over a little black looking thing once every rotation. This is the reed relay switch. With the system off, you can turn the array by hand and rotate it over the relay. You can use an OHM meter and check that the switch closes (shorts) everytime the magnet is over the switch and opens when it isn't. Since this relay is a moving part (internally) it can break and cause the issue you describe. (Other things can too but this is more common)
Hi Johnny
Not one of my better days! :thumbdown OK so I bought an OHMMETER or multimeter and went on youtube to see how to check a reed switch. Took the day off and drove the 45 miles out to the marina (90 minutes with traffic) and since the boat is on a trailer in a shed I had to get up on a ladder and take off the dome of the drs4d (not easy with my arthritis) :jump then look for the reed switch (black thing). At this point I realized I had forgotten my glasses but I managed to borrow a hand held magnifying glass so I could see the reed switch. :shock In order to check it I took off one half of the metal plate that covers the inner workings. This revealed that the reed switch has 2 black wires coming out of it that go into a connector on a computer board. By this time (11am Panama) it was hot under that tin roof. (whew) :angry So I put the red needle from the ohmmeter into one wire from the reed switch where it goes into the connector and the black needle into the other wire. Then I checked with the ohmmeter a few times with the scanner magnet directly over the reed switch and with the magnet away from it. Bear with me because I don't know about these things. :oops: Add to my other numerous maladies - I think I have now developed early Alzheimer's syndrome and VUALA (voila in French) I think it went from 000 when the magnet was away from the reed switch to 006 when the magnet was right over it ... or it could have been the other way around - it is hard to remember after driving home through the traffic and all. :sorry In any case if from 000 to 006 or 009 is enough then it probably works. The ohmmeter goes from a 1 that is all the way to the left of the digital readout when turned on and the needles are not touching to 000 to the right when you touch the needles together. Whadda think? Do I need a new reed switch or could it be something else?
Also I successfully upgraded to version 2.11 without a hitch except that I have to reload all the maps (vector & raster) and unlock codes for Panama that I had purchased. Thought I would mention that in case anyone else reading this is going to upgrade and has purchased maps - they will need to take along their SD cards and the unlock codes to reinstall.
Thanks for your time, patience and attention Johnny I sure appreciate it.
It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun :jump
I would normally recommend you disconnect the relay/switch and then test the switch out of circuit. Your readings could be distorted because you are checking it in circuit. (Still connected to the circuit board) It should be a short (zero ohms) when the magnet if over the switch, and an open when the magnet isn't over the switch. You might also check what voltages and info is shown in your SERVICE MAN. (Hold CNTL and hit MENU, then pick Service Man) I must warn you not to change anything while in that mode, but look at your radar monitor and see how everything matches up there.
As a side note: Conducting a COMBO update does clear out the unlock codes so you must re-input them. It does not change your loaded maps that are on the hard drive, so unless doing an update to your maps; they do not have to be reloaded, just because you update the operating system.
Hi Johnny
Something is wrong with the maps because I just came from there and I couldn't upload or enter the unlock codes- looks like I saved the maps in a folder on the sd card so i am downloading and unzipping everything again and will try that again the day after tommorrow. All the maps in the data of the mfd12 show either included or unlocked and if they say unloked they won't take the code again so it looks like I will have to delete and reinstall with the new downloaded maps and the old unlock code- WHATEVER!
I am getting pretty expert with the drs4d though- Had my glasses with me today and with the help of some motrin last night getting up and down the ladder and balancing up there with the Ohmmeter and screw drivers was not so bad! I got the reed switch out and tested it with a fridge magnet and it works fine, reading 1 without the magnet and 000 with the magnet on it. Reinstalled and tried it with the magnet on the scanner and it does the same- so it looks to be OK! Checked the Service Man and here are the values
TX-HV = 348.5 VOLTS
12VOLT = 12.3
3.3VOLT = 3.3
You say look at the radar monitor to see how everything matches up? How's that? I think I am missing something.
Today when i first started the MFD12 and then the radar it wold work fine for about 2 sweeps and then I would get the Tuning Error message and nothing on the screen. It did this everytime I rebooted. let me know if there is anything else I can check or fix to get the drs4d going again!
Thanks again Johnny
What was the Tuning voltage shown under the Radar Monitor?
How old is your DRS4D?
Where did you purchase the equipment?
Have you ever ran the incremental update to check that your radar software is up to date?
What version of software did you have in the NN3D prior to updating to V2.11?
Hi Johnny
Boy, without you I would really have to dig hard to get out of this hole! :respect OK the 'tuning voltage' value information will have to wait until tomorrow when I go back to the boat shed. The MFD12 was version 2.07 and was a gift from what I thought was a close friend (but I am now beginning to wonder) and I installed it in December 2012 along with a newly purchased dff1, Panama vector and raster maps and BBW-GPS. The DRS4D is fairly new - I bought it early 2013 along with a HUB 101 and PG500R from Jim at BOE Marine and had it shipped here to Panama where I had to pay shipping to Miami then here to Panama and then the unexpected duty/bribe ($1200) to get it out of Panama customs thieving clutches! :angry Then build a truly expensive radar arch ($2000) and self install with only your Help! :respect :respect It was working fine by June 2013 and I made 3 overnight trips in the Gulf of Panama with it (and my soon to be worst friend who gave me the MFD12) and it worked great until the last trip in mid July when as soon as we left port and turned on the radar I was getting the TUNING ERROR and then I contacted you. :questions BTW the weather was rough on some of these trips offshore, a lot of banging around. :capt How do you run the incremental update to check that my radar software is up to date? In the last few days I updated to version 2.11 on the MFD12 so I don't think that is the issue. Shipping it back to the USA for repair is not a viable option ($$$) as my wife and children are just waiting for an excuse to kick me out of the house and with no radar how would I survive living on the boat? :lol: It's up to you! ;)
Let me know about the tuning voltage.

For now we will shotgun a few things and hope something sticks.

I would recommend that you download and run the MFD12 (2.07) incremental software (posted under the SOFTWARE tab of the product on our web site). You can watch a short video on how to do an incremental update on our website under LEARNING and the NN3D training videos. There are also written instructions posted with the software. When you run the incremental software, it will see your 2.11 as being old; so it will offer to "upgrade" the MFD12. What you are looking for is if the software offers to upgrade your radar or sounder (if you have one). If it offers to upgrade the radar, then you have old software. You would need to UNCHECK the MFD12 so that it doesn't get downgraded back to 2.07 and then hit the START. It will upgrade the radar and then reboot back to normal. If the radar doesn't show up as needing update, just cancel/exit.

After checking/upgrading your radar software; backup your MFD12 settings and waypoints/routes on a SD card, and then factory clear the unit; and restore your settings/points/routes. Once the unit is back in action, conduct a factory reset of the radar. (Menu - System - Memory tab - radar section/select radar - SET FACTORY DEFAULT)

I will keep my fingers crossed.
Hi Johnny
Ok I am headed out tomorrow morning, but i don't understand 'THEN FACTORY CLEAR THE UNIT' I don't have any particular settings and waypoints/routes to backup so do i need to know how to do this?
Here is a cut and paste from the Combo update procedure instructions for how to clear/reset the unit.

Master Reset
The Master Reset will restore every setting (Installation and User settings) to the factory defaults. A Master Reset will erase all Waypoints, Routes and tracks and Installation Wizard settings. It is recommended to backup the user database on an SD-Card before doing a Master Reset.
Note: A master reset will NOT erase the charts
1) Power OFF the MFD and disconnect it from the network.
2) Press and Hold the [CANCEL] key.
3) Start the MFD and continue to press the [CANCEL] key.
4) The Cursor will appear, continue to hold the [CANCEL] key until the Installation Wizard appears (approximately 1-2 minutes).
5) The MFD8/12 will not shut OFF (unlike the MFDBB) but the Installation Wizard should appear with the language selection (confirming the Master Reset).
6) When the language selection appears simply turn OFF the MFD by pressing the Power key for 5 seconds.
Hi Johnny
Haven't replied until now because I went to the boat shed 2 days in a row to make sure of everything before taking up more of your valuable time. First thing I did yesterday was check the 'tuning voltage' value that I somehow omitted before. It was 000 with the radar off and when I turned it on and checked it it was all over the place from 1 volt to 10.7, changing every second or so.
Ok so did the 2.07 incremental update and sure enough it wanted to upgrade the radar and mfd12. However something looked awry because it wanted to upgrade from 16.03 to 14.** . I was a little alarmed since the 'new' version was a lower number but I went ahead and did it. :?
Then I did the 'master reset' or 'factory clear' for the Unit (mfd12). Then did an installation wizard to set the pg500r heading and 100ms. Then did a 'factory reset' (set factory default). So then I turned on the radar and it was working and I went to SERVICE MAN to see what the differences were. They were all about the same but a little higher in some cases but the 'tuning voltage' was steady at 6.6 volts and when I turned off the radar it held at 6.3. Interestingly the MBS ADJ in the installation wizard was now 25% when before it was 0. :think So I pulled the boat out to see what it would pick up outside of the shed. It did not pick much up. Upon checking the screen I saw the range was set to .75 NM. So I did the installation wizard again and set it to 32NM. So then I got the tuning error back and did the SET FACTORY DEFAULT for the radar and the 'tuning error' went away but it was back to .75 NM :angry Whenever I try to get more range I get the tuning error and the tuning voltage bounces around in Service Man! :shock Please let me know what you think to see if I can resolve any of this! :respect
Then I tried installing the maps and unlock codes. The maps were not there so it may have been when I did all the default resets a few days ago that I scrubbed them... :( I don't know. In any case it loaded the maps OK but would not take the unlock codes so I have no maps! :angry I think maybe the unlock codes are for older versions since my email from where I bought the codes says :oops: -
Note: The v2.2 MAPMEDIA Unlock Code (highlighted above) is not compatible with older versions of chart data.
You must have v2.1 (or higher) MAPMEDIA chart data loaded on your MFD for the code provided above to unlock the chart.
You may download the latest chart data for any of your charts by clicking the respective Download link above.
MM3-R91-2G0 SDR912G01MAP02.dbr v2.2
Note: The v3.1 C-Map by Jeppesen Unlock Code (highlighted above) is not compatible with older versions of chart data.
You must have v3.1 (or higher) C-Map by Jeppesen chart data loaded on your MFD for the code provided above to unlock the chart.
You may download the latest chart data for any of your charts by clicking the respective Download link above.
MM3-VNA-027 SDVJNAM027MAP04.dbv v3.1
So now I am downloading those maps to go and delete the other ones and reinstall these to see if I get my maps back tomorrow. :jump BTW would you by chance know what I would have to do to get the latest version unlock codes? :think
Thanks for all your time and help Johnny! :respect :respect :respect
It looks your radar scanner has a long range tuning issue. The setting in the Wizard for range is only for when doing the radar video alignment within the wizard. You might try doing a "radar optimization" in the wizard (in the radar tab) and see if it helps anything. It looks like you will need to pull the radar scanner and send it into the service center. I know you didn't want to send it in, but I see no other option. Units that are purchased in the United States and taken out of the country need to be returned for warranty repair to our Camas, Washington Repair Facility. Any customs or postage charges incurred are not covered by Furuno USA. Furuno USA will cover return freight charges as well as Labor and Parts.

Your chart issue sounds like you loaded charts that are either older or newer than your chart license. If you PM me your System ID, I can look up your system and provide you a bit more details on what you should have loaded to use your current license(s).
Hi Johnny,
Thanks for all your help- it has certainly been above and beyond any customer service I have ever received from any other manufacturer of any product, unheard of courtesy and expertise! THANK YOU. :respect :respect :furuno
I got the old versions of the local charts up and running except for the 3D and Sat Photo parts which I will delete and install again - probably tomorrow. :jump I just bought the charts in January and the only ones the unlock codes will unlock are 2 versions old. I don’t think they revised these charts twice in less than a year. :noway In any case I will pm you with the details to see if anything can be done before buying ($$) upgrade codes for the charts. :sorry
The DRS4D is another matter – the only way to ship it out of Panama is either to FedEx it ($1200.00) or find someone willing to fly it up there and mail it in. Then I would still have to get it back into the country which would mean more shipping costs and having to pay custom again, all of which totaled around $1500 last time. :angry Before doing that it would probably be cheaper to buy another new unit and find a way to bring it down on a commercial flight to avoid the customs duty. :roll: This really sucks since I can find NOBODY online or anywhere who has ever had a problem with a DRS4D! It seems I was sold the only one that ever broke down! :shock
I have done the radar optimization several times and it works fine within the wizard at any range. It shows the radar sweep on a small screen working fine and picking everything up at all ranges. Once out of the wizard I get the ‘tuning error’ at any range over .75 NM. I can hear the scanner changing speed as I bump up the ranges so I think the scanner is moving round OK. Isn’t it odd that it works within the wizard optimization but not otherwise? Can I connect it up directly to the MFD12 by itself and run a test? I mean would that be of any use? Also how long is the warranty on these units? The reason I ask is I run a sportfishing business and it may be easier to get a tech to come here and go fishing and check it than to send the radar back and forth. ;)
In any case thanks for all your time and effort I for one am impressed! :respect :respect :respect
Best regards- tarpontony
That really stinks about the customs. It sounds like buying a new one might be the best and using this one for a spare. I appreciate all the thanks but I would feel a lot better if we fixed the radar. I haven't seen a radar work in the wizard and get errors in normal operations. I would have to guess that it is because in normal operational mode there is a lot more going on.

When you ran the incremental software, it sounds like it was a version with older radar software in it. Where did you download it from? V1.16 is the newest software for the radar. Yours was downgraded to V1.14 when you ran the incremental. This isn’t a big deal because 1.16 was mainly to support the TZtouch system, but it might be worth re-programming. We could try taking the radar back to 1.16 and then factory clearing the radar again. I don’t know if it will help but it is worth a try. Also I would like to see what the radar does in duel radar range mode. It might give us a better idea of what is wrong if one of the duel screens work.
Hi Johnny
I down loaded the software for the incremental update from this page- http://www.furunousa.com/products/produ ... duct=MFD12
I now see there are two options for V 2.07 and I should have selected this option-
NN3D INCREMENTAL Software v2.07 - For updating systems with v2.01 and higher (1 KB)
I am going to download it again in case I selected the wrong option
I think I will try a few things again tomorrow and get back to you. How do you run 'dual radar range'.
Also my fancy and expensive new radar arch is collapsible - it is on hinges so I can lay the whole thing down on the bow of the boat without disconnecting the radar. Can I run the tests with the radar laying on the bow facing down like a coin on its edge? Or would it be better to take the whole boat outside the boat shed and do the tests- does it make a difference for what we are checking?
Thanks again and any other ideas you might have will at least keep me busy and hopeful!
How do you run 'dual radar range'.

Hit DISP and select the screen that looks like two radars side by side. If you don't have a hot page like this then pick one of the ones you don't typically use and HOLD the roto-key to customize the hot page and pick a split screen option and then put radar on both parts. (Radar side by side). Then you will have duel radar. Take the unit to transmit and put one range at low and the other at long range. Play with it and see if both (radar) pulses have issues or just one.

Also my fancy and expensive new radar arch is collapsible - it is on hinges so I can lay the whole thing down on the bow of the boat without disconnecting the radar. Can I run the tests with the radar laying on the bow facing down like a coin on its edge?

No, the radar should never be run in anything other than the normal position. The biggest problem with radars on hinges is WATER. They are not waterproof in any position than the normal upright position. I have seen many folks ruin radars by storing or leaving the radar in the hinged position. Many companies specifically void any warrantees of the scanner if mounted on a hinge mount because of all the issues that normally develop. Be really careful how you store your scanner.