DRS4D-NXT Software Update FAIL


Furuno Fan
The update process continues until the final screen wherein "press START" instruction is displayed. The start button and all others are inoperative except VERSION that returns the version. The EXIT button is inop -- the 12v power must be cut to exit the frozen screen.

The software update downloaded from Furuno USA website DRS4D-NXT Support pages including the separate PDF Instructions.
The downloaded include:
Downloader folder and 4 separate files all placed on 32GB USB

Two separate USB'S each with separate downloads tried with same results.
Attempts made with USB plugged into white cable-USB portal at back of TZT2.
Only one of two TZT2's operating during attempts.
One of a number of other attempts made with RADAR in transmit = same failure.
TZT2 running 8.01 software.
Did you use a Windows computer or mac to extract the files to the USB? If you have not used a Windows computer to format the USB and extract to it, this could be a problem. I did the radar update on mine per instructions and all went well!