Downloading Points Format



The file for points when downloading to SD card is TZD. You can load up machine in GPX format. Anyway to load SD card with GPX instead of TZD. Problem is I load points on computer that recognizes a lot of formats but not TZD unless thats the same as another format..
You can export to any of the listed formats (same as Import options).
Please select GPX then then export your points to your SD card.
So Johnny, are you saying that you can take any waypoint file in a .gpx format and be able to import it into a TZ machine ?

If this is so, then I should be able to convert a garmin file to .gpx and then import the waypoints into a TZ touch. Correct ?

If not. please provide a sample TZ touch file for me to look at.

thanks !
In many cases, yes. I have seen some GPX files have problems depending on the unit. It is best to use a program like GPS Utilities or SeaMarks ( to convert from one file type/manufacturer to another. If you have a GPX file that you want me to test, PM it to me.