Download of sat photos


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Just finished install of TZT14. Easy install and works perfectly. Trying to download sat photos MM3-USS-G08 but keep getting error: Unable to load source file. Do you know what would cause this?

That is one of the older lower resolution sat photos. I have the same problem with the link as you do. I will have to check on it. It might be that the old photos have been discontinued. New High Res Sat Photos are available. You might go direct to and then pick - High Res Sat Photos - MEGA WIDE & NOAA - NOAA; it will show you the newer coverage areas.
How easy is it to delete some of the unused data ( i.e., west coast maps if you boat on the east coast) from the included 64 GB SD card and instead install the needed Satelite photos ( i.e. east coast satelite photos) instead, leaving the extra slot for future add-ons ? What then would be the procedure ?
To remove any of the pre-loaded maps from the provided SD card, just remove the SD card from the unit and take it to a PC. You browse the SD card and delete any charts you don't need. It is very easy. Updated maps can be copied directly to the SD card at the PC and then taken back to the boat. It is much more refined and a simple process compaired to loading them into the machine as the NN3D does.
When downloading the files, can you confirm I unzip them and put the .dba file in the root directory of the card?

My computer is 60 miles from my boat and I learned putting the .zip file on the card doesn't work. :)
The system will NOT read zip files. For the TZT, you can put the file right on the root OR you can put it into a category folder like Furuno USA does with the included 64GB chip. For example, I put a folder named “JohnnyE” and dropped a high resolution sat photo into the folder then put the SD card into the system. The TZtouch reads it fine. The key is that you DO NOT put zip files on the SD card.
Thanks Johnny. I wasn't using the card that came with it, I have another 64 GB card that I formatted with the panasonic utility. I'm guessing this should work fine to import from right?

Now that I know though, it would make more sense to put the permanent data like sat imagery for my area on the Furuno card.
If you formatted the card in standard SDXC format, it should be fine. Normally when you purchase SD cards, they are already formatted so there is no need. The TZT is very flexible with the charts. You can delete any unnecessary charts from the Furuno card and then add your area SAT photos to it, or you can use a second SD card with anything additional you wish to add to the system. The choice is yours.