Displaying individual Routes?



I am trying to figure out how to show just one route instead of all of them.

The Ops Manual told me how to Show/Hide all routes. OK - that works.

I made up a couple of routes. Unlike your examples, (hint) they all start from my home marina, and many of them overlap on the same waypoints for the first 20nm. When the routes are set to 'show' it is impossible to tell which is which unless you are really zoomed out so you can see the other ends of the routes diverging.

But here's my problem, which looks like a bug to me. I hide all those confusing routes off my chart display. When I select a route on the Menu / Routes-Routes page, I right-click and choose "find/edit on screen" and the NN3D brings up the chart BUT NO ROUTE(S). I have to re-select 'show' on the Rotokey before I can see the route I asked it to find so I can edit it.

How do I show just one route so I can edit it before 'activating. ??
You can either HIDE or SHOW all the routes. If you hide the routes and decide to navigate to a location it will show just the "selected route" which you have decided to “Activate” from the route menu. If the routes are clearly named, leaving the routes hidden is a great option when navigating. If you need to edit a route, you will need to SHOW them. I understand your point about editing when the route is overlapping with others. It is best to zoom out and select the route from the other end, and then edit it. If you choose "Find on chart" from the routes menu, it will take you to the area on the chart for the selected route and show it (If the routes are not hidden). You are correct that you will not see the routes, if you hide them. If you are trying to get an idea of a routes location without showing them, then stay in the routes menu and just “select” the route with your cursor. When highlighted/selected, the route will be showing right there in a pre-view window within the route menu.