Display of DSC Position requests

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My Radio is connected to the n2k/can bus via the ifnmea2k converter.

When sending a Position request the data is shown at the tztouch Display, so far so good (ok Position is truncated but thats another Topic).

Nevertheless: there is no data of dsc Targets shown within maxsea. from my Point of view if the Position is shown on the plotter, it must also be visible within maxsea..

Any hints??
MaxSea TZ (currently at version 2.04) does support DSC.
You will need to right Click on the "Targets" icon in the ribbons, to access the DSC Category. Make sure both buttons (Targets icon and DSC icon) are selected, if you want to see DSC targets on the chart.
Thanks Johnyy,

I studied the "Manual" and of course I selected DSC Targets "on".

Like the roster for the received AIS Targets there is also a roster for dsc calls, but this roster is always empty even if I reveived a dsc call. As mentioned before the dsc data is transferred to navnet correctly because I see the dsc call on the Screen of the TZtouch and in the dsc-roster.

The Connection between the TZtouch/other Furuno equipment and Maxsea works flawless, I can see all the AIS Targets, nav data and routes etc etc etc. Only the dsc data is lost.

When I use the Connection wizard all available Connections/data sources Show up but not DSC. As you know from another thread the Radio is connected via the ifnmea2k converter to n2k/canbus. I can only assume that perhaps the data is send via the canbus to the tztouch unit but not from the plotter into navnet???
Depending on how the DSC is wired, it could be related to the existing issue with the TZT/DSC and some integration between MaxSea TZ Explorer and the TZT. Furuno Japan is currently working on a new version of software for the TZT that will address DSC and MaxSea TZ integration. I would recommend trying it after the new version releases or contact your distributor to see what options they can offer you now/if any.
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