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Hi, I am currently running the Navnet vx 2 system with the DFF1 as my sounder. I am wanting to upgrade to the DFF3 and R309 transducer. In reading some posts on this forum I see there maybe something better coming from Furuno soon in the way of Chirp technology, If this happens, has anyone got any idea when it will be released? I see some mentions of an R509 transducer, is this available, and will the DFF3 function with it? If this new chirp sounder is going to be a while, would it be beneficial for me to install the R509 transducer now instead of the R309, and will this work with the DFF3?
Many thanks, Andrew.
Strait Shooter,
All good questions. Right now our 1kw Chirp is now due out 1st quarter of 2013. We are still evaluating using the 265LH ducer but haven't come to a final decision on it yet. As far as the DFF3 using a R-509, yes you can. I was curious how the R-509 would compare to the R-309 so I tested them using a FCV-1150. Below is a couple of screen shots from the test. In these screen shots I was using 38Khz and as you can see the R-509 is slightly (2-3%)better than the R-309.



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Hi Snips, thank you for the reply. This new chirp technology looks interesting. Will the chirp 1kw still be able to penetrate the same depths as the 3kw non chirp and and will the chirp unit be able to connect to the VX2 navnet system like the DFF3? I'm keen to put the R509 into my boat in readiness for this new chirp tech as I've read in previous posts that it will be worth waiting for.

While you can connect a DFF3 to VX2, it was designed for 3D. This means and you don't have access to all the menus when using it with VX2. The new Chirp module probably won't be compatable with VX1 or 2. As far as Chirp's depth capabilities, I will let you know after we test it.

Thanks Snips. I'll still go with the R509 so that side of it will be sorted.

One more thing Snips, I've noticed there is an R609 airmar ducer. Is this a step up from the 509 or something different? Cheers, Shooter.
In talking to Airmar, the 609 may have the same make up as the 309 but with a slightly different frequency range. We haven't tested one.

I want to know if in the future will come out some form to match to my 295 to make sure that the probes reach 1kw 3kw probe performance
tell me about it please :)
so I will not be forced to change their eco