DFF1 lost bottom lock



This summer, the automatic bottom lock stop working. My DFF1 have work flawlessly since 2009. When put in bottom lock mode, it just expand the depth scale to 800m and stays there, no matter how deep it is. The sounder gives correct depth info in figures, but it looks like the picture speed is slower than the 4/1 it´s setup for.
Used in manual mode, tuned for the measured depth, the bottom display shows the bottom the way it´s supposed to do.
What can be wrong?
Can you confirm that you mean Auto Range instead of Auto Bottom Lock? Also what system are you viewing the DFF1 on? VX2, 3D or TZT?

Ups... Sorry for not being precise.
Auto range is what I mean.. (where the display always shows the bottom on the lower part of the display, which in this case is a NN3D, 12MFD.
Hmmm, strange one. I think I would default all the sounders menu settings to see what happens. At the bottom of the sounders menu pages there is a "Reset defaults". So you will have two under the sounder menu and one in the system/sounder menu. After you restore the defaults, I would make sure that both the LF/HF Bottom Level settings are -20. Try that and let me know the results.



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I wash´t aware there was three places to reset to default. When I did so, everything went back to normal operation.
Most likely it´s me having made some adjustments whitout knowing the consequence, making the sounder go bananas :oops:
Thank you so much for your help..!