Correct Time



VX2 with latest software for C-Map in Eastern time zone.

It seems no matter how I set the GMT offset and DST on/off switch, the times for the tide and current functions are incorrect.

How do I set the offset and DST so that the displayed time and tide and current times are correct?
Time offset for USA East Coast currently would be -05:00 with DST (Daylight Savings Time) button ON for the Vx2 system.

The Tide chart will be displayed from 00:00 to 24:00 with the cursor in the middle at 12:00 L. You move the cursor (with trackball or pad) and you should see the cursor in "L" Local time change. It should also reflect that you are UTC -04 (minus 4 hours from UTC time). I know you said you had the most up to date software, but verify that it is version 4.01
I am using the current C-Map software and have entered the settings as above.

The Tide function and time work correctly.

I am having trouble with the Current function. There are 7 foot tides and 2 kt currents here so I would like to get it right. There is nothing about C-Map Currents in the manual.

When I put the cursor over the Currrent arrow I see a box with 2 different (but close) current directions and velocity. When I click on this box I get another box with one current direction and velocity and a time display of EST rather than EDT.

Can I get an explanation of how to use this function?

When I click on this box I get another box with one current direction and velocity and a time display of EST rather than EDT.

Yes, I see that too. I will let them know. It is easy enough to fix as a work around. Please change your time offset to -04:00 and DST "OFF” and then both your local time and currents will be reflected correctly (for the east coast).
Setting to EST (-4) and DST off results in the Current time being correct and the Tide times being incorrect. There seems to be no setting that results in the local time, Tide times, and Current times all being correct.

Is this a Furuno or C-Map issue? It was not a problem with Navionics before I switched to C-Map.

The manual is silent on C-Map Currents. Is there an on line site that explains this function?
If I was to guess, I would say it is a Furuno issue with the software on how it deals with the time offset. It sounds like you will have to remove the offset and work off UTC time until a software update can be made. I add this info to the report. I suspect this is a past software issue that somehow got back into the software with the lastest software release. Thanks for reporting it.