Correct Power-Up Order


Furuno Super Fan
Whether or not my MFD12 detects the DRS4D radar seems to depend on the order in which I power up the MFD, the (non Furuno) hub it is connected to and the laptop (running MaxSea TZ Explorer) also connected to the hub. ( I don't have a sounder.) Sometimes the radar is detected straight up; sometimes I have to use the installation wizard to 'find' it; and sometimes even the install wizard won't find the radar. When the latter happens, I play around re-booting the various components....

Given all are cabled together all the time, what is the right power-up order between MFD, the hub and the laptop? Anything else I should be doing to cause the DRS4D to be 'found' immediately by the MFD ?

thanks for advice as always
As a general rule with the NN3D system, if you have more than one MFD; you need the HUB101 or BBWX2 to pass power sync. In your case; if you only have the one MFD and PC with a normal hub that is fine. (Furuno hub not needed) It sounds like you are NOT really losing the radar like you think you are. My guess is your radar is being deselected because of something being put on and off the network (Like your PC). The next time you bring the system up and the radar is "X'ed" out or saying not connected; DO NOT run the wizard. Just hit MENU and see if you have a RADAR icon in your MENU. If you do have an ICON, then the system sees the radar, but it isn't selected for use. Select your radar model as your RADAR SOURCE in your MENU under RADAR - GENERAL. Once you select the radar it will instantly un-X and be ready to use. This happens because the system can support multiple radars and you must select the one you wish to use. It normally would stay selected but if something is added or taken off the network, the system shuffles IP addresses and ends up deselecting items like your RADAR and SOUNDER (if you had one). Each MFD has a configuration file and when you change the items on the network it changes what the system is expecting to see. Let's say you power up your system one time with the PC already “ON” and the next time you bring up the PC later. This can cause the radar to get deselected. Not really a big deal though, you just re-select it in the MENU. You should NEVER have to be going into the WIZARD except during initial setup or to make system changes. Give it a try...
I will try that Johnny....but are you saying that power-up order makes no difference (MFD, hub, PC) ?

(And yes, I have only the one MFD with just a dumb-screen repeat to the fly helm)

Which way you choose, try to be consistent. Ideally, I would bring the NavNet up first so that the data has been established before opening MaxSea. If you are not already using a fixed IP address for your PC connection, you should. ( /