Constructing a route


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I am wondering if it is possible to build a route by recording all the lats and longs off a paper chart and then entering them in a new route in the order that they would occur on the water. I cannot find this topic in the manual. If it's there could please point me in the right direction. I have entered lats and longs in the "GO TO BY POSITION" box but can't figure out how to enter a series of lats and longs to make a route. Thanks.

Please make sure you are using the full operations manual from the CD provided in the NN3D zipper pouch. There are many ways to enter points and routes into this system. I would also suggest watching the video DVD that came with your unit or the videos directly on our web site under learning. The NN3D training videos have two videos that cover waypoints and routes and advanced waypoints and routes. If you plug in a USB keyboard, it is very easy to manually enter lat/lon numbers direct into the way point list and then build a route from them. You might also speak with you local dealer. Many dealers can offer hands on training of the system, depending on your needs.