Connection to FCV1100




I am new to the forum so please excuse my lack of knowledge.
Can someone steer me in the right direction.I have an Airmar M260 [shoot through hull] transducer [diplexed model] with Furuno 10 pin plug,what cable/s do I need to connect to the 2 transducer ports in the FCV1100?

Thank you

regards Hinchy
Thanks for your question. Unfortunately your diplexed transducer can't be used effectively with the FCV-1100. If you want, you could try using either 50 or 200Khz but you won't be able to use both at the same time. For best results we recommend using a non-diplexed with the FCV-1100.

Hi Snips

Thank you very much for the prompt reply to my enquiry.I will have to invest in a non diplexed or look to other alternatives to suit the unit.If anyone has a non diplexed M260 that they are no longer using I would be interested in buying.

Kind Regards Hinchy