complete navigation system




I have a brand new jeanneau sun odyssey 50 DS of 50ft. I like to install a complete navigation system on this boat including: chart plotter, radar, AIS, GPS, Auto pilot, depth wind and speed meter etc. I looked at the website but there is so much info I don't know what to choose. Is there like a package you can order with all systems included? Does anyone has advice or tips on what to get for a 50 ft. sail yacht that goes around the world? And what should you get and what not? My budget is $25000. What is the best options for me to get for my navigation system?

Any advice would be very helpful.


I have a Nav Net MFD12, GPS 330B, FA50 AIS, Nav Pilot 511 (reccommend newer 700 series),BBWX1 Sirius WX receiver, DRS2D Radar(reccommend DRS4D), DFFI Sounder and associated transducer,Hub 101,VHF Radio with remote Mic, plus associated brackets mounting poles and cables. Add installation and you can expect to pay around $30K.