Compatibility with existing equipment



We would like to know what NavNet system is compatible with our existing components.

We have:
Furuno 1761 Mark-3 Radar Open Array
Furuno FCV-667 Sounder
Furuno GP-35 GPS

Any information will be greatly appreciated.
With the exception of using the GP35 to feed positioning data into a NavNet system there is nothing else compatible.
You also MIGHT be able to use your existing transducer although it would probably be best to replace it if you are replacing the sounder in a NavNet network.
Keep in mind that although your radar is not directly compatible, you can keep the radar and wire NMEA 0183 data between the new system and your radar. Many people do this to upgrade to a newer plotter system and add newer radar after the old one finishes off its life. It is also likely that you could use the transducer that you currently have on the FCV667 to something newer. It might be best to discuss your upgrade options with a local Furuno dealer or our tech support on the phone.
You can reach us via phone M-F from 8am to 5pm at the following numbers.
East Coast 410-479-4420
West Coast 360-834-9300
If you are located on the east coast you can reach someone from 8am to 8pm due to the time difference between the two offices.