COG and related issues



Furuno acknowledges that the COG function in the TZ Touch system is not yet operational. I understand (unconfirmed) that the upgrade to fix the problem will be available in about 10 days, in time for the Fort Lauderdale boat show. Johnny Electron, can you confirm?

Also, the CPA function in the AIS system and the HTS function in the autopilot do not function either, I assume because the COG problem. Is that correct or are there other software problems with the system?


The COG in Magnetic (issue) is related to the TZT when using a GP330 as your position source. This is confirmed and will be resolved with the next version of software. This new version (known as V2) will include many new enhancements. From what I am being told V2 will release in November. I would expect that they will be showing the software at Lauderdale but not yet released to the public.

It seems logical that your issues with AIS would be related to not having proper COG. The finer details would be in what AIS and what autopilot you are using. Overall, I would wait for V2 before digging into them very deeply. V2 is a very nice step up from V1. I think you will be really happy with it.
A couple of other issues:

1. There does not seem to be a way to enter a negative offset for the depth sounder. We like see how much water is below the boat.

2. There is no "Trip" function, even though, in the iPad app, there is a box for "Trip."

Any more information about the next release?

There is no need for a negative depth offset if you properly setup your boat settings under Initial setup. You have a choice between Keel depth or water surface depth. If you properly configure your boat draft settings etc... there is no need for a negative depth offset. As far as I know there are no plans to change this.

You are correct that V1 has not Trip feature. The Trip showing on the iPad application is most likely for showing the Trip from a NMEA 2000 smart sensor that puts out Trip info. I haven't tried it but if that isn't it; it is most likely for something still in development.