Cmap conversion ?s



I will be sending both of my vx1 Rdp 130 units to WA for updates, trackball service and c-map conversion. Do I need to back-up my waypoints? Is there a card that will work with the navionics fp reader to store data? How can the data be uploaded once the cmap conversion is completed?

I remember trying to make a cable and connecting to a laptop when I first got the NNs but it didn't work at that time. I think the cable diagram was in my owner's manual.

As always, thank you!
If you can backup your waypoints before sending the unit in, that would be preferable. If you cannot, then I suggest stating on the note that goes inside the box that you want the repairs folks to back them up prior to conversion if they can. There used to be a card available to backup data, but they are no longer available. The data would be uploaded the same way you downloaded it. If via a computer with software and cable, then you would choose upload from PC instead of download to PC.
I have mailed my vx1s to WA for cmap conversion. I am looking at C-map cards and want to be sure that I order the correct format. Is it correct that if it says C-map NT+, it will work? Also, I have a c-map NT card reader and software. Will I be able to use it with my Furuno equipment after the conversion?

Once C-Map, the unit will use NT or NT+ maps on an FP chip.
The NT card reader should work with the PC Planner but I would defer to C-Map support on that.