Chart Downloads


I have a suggestion to improve the chart download process. Could a "release date" be put on the file description so we would know when it was released? The process i go thru now is, look on the chart page, go to the chart area i want and look at the file name, then i need to go to my "download" file to see if i have already downloaded the file. It would be much easier to see a date on the same page as the file name. Just my two cents....
Thanks Simonsez, I've forwarded your suggestion on to the web team. :D
Couldn't agree more - the long filenames make comparing versions harder than it could be. How about "push" notification when an existing chart has been superseded? If not on the MFD, for MaxSea Explorer users on the laptop?
This was done on the TZtouch system but unlikely on the NN3D where there is no Wi-fi.
It is a very good suggestion for the PC based software (MaxSea). I will pass the suggestion.