Changing Settings



I've got a 2 station setup (one at each helm) NavNet (I believe vx1). I purchsed the boat used with this hardware one it. I can get the radar, chartplaotter, and information panels to work correctly but I cannot get the sounder to take my slections. For instance, I am at the sounder screen. I am getting numeric depth readings but the graphical part of the screen only goes to 40 feet. I change from Cruising Mode to Manual Mode and hit Return to select the desired mode. Nothing on the screen changes. So when I go in to confirm the mode changed it is still at cruise mode. Not only that but I cannot get it to change from single frequency display to any other display mode. I've dug and dug through the manual with no help. I cruised the boat up from Everett WA to Seward AK this spring so I had lots of time to fiddle with it but could not figure out how the get the sounder to read properly.

Any Ideas?
I would ensure the sounder is not in SIMULATE mode in your display. (MENU - SYSTEM CONFIG- SYSTEM SETUP - SIMULATION SETUP) I would also see if the sounder runs the self test. (MENU - SYSTEM CONFIG - SYSTEM SETUP - TEST & CLEAR - MEMORY I/O TEST - NETWORK SOUNDER TEST)

I'll give those a try this weekend when I get to the boat.