Can you link RDP148 and RDP139 for 2nd display


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I've been searching for answers and may have missed this...can you link a RDP139 display to the RDP148 for a 2nd display or vice versa? I have RSB110 for radome. I'm considering adding the DFF1 sounder. Have seen recent displays available and wondering if I could have one display on dash and the other in e-box.
Thank you
Yes, you can network the RDP139 to the RDP148 (1724C/NT) radar system. There's some settings that need to be done to make them work together. Everything between these two systems is compatible EXCEPT the chart cards; no chart data (buoys, markers, etc) will be transferred over the network. If you want chart data on both, you'll need a separate chart card for each unit. If the RDP139 was an RDP149, the chart card data would be shared over the network with only one card in one of the units.
What I'd really like to do is run radar/plotter thru one display and possibly sounder through the other. Getting advice to not spend the money on the sounder box and transducer for the added functionality at new cost. If I could find reasonable prices on used pieces, I may do it.
Can you confirm if I can use the ETR 6/10 for sounder and 520 ST-PWD transom mount? Or do I need the DFF-1?
Yes, you can use the ETR6/10N (aka BBFF1) sounder with the 520ST-PWD transom mount transducer together. You do not need the DFF1.
Yes. You can have up to four NAVnet processors in a network.