Can I get my 1670F to display fuel burn rate?


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I have a 1670F and 1870F on my boat, and the 1670F is connected to a Suzuki DF140A via the NMEA 2000 network backbone.

I can see the Suzuki connection, can get oil pressure, trim etc., but so far have not been able to find/access the Fuel Burn rate. I can see that the NMEA 2000 connection is receiving a lot of real-time data.

What do I need to do to get Fuel Burn rate to display in a 1/4 screen?

It has a display screen for fuel tank levels, but as my boat is 1985, it does not have an electronic level sensor, so is not connected to the 1670.

I understand the Suzuki to export instantaneous fuel burn rate under NMEA 2000 Code 12489, and I can see in the Can Bus monitor that the 1670 is receiving the data, but not in a way that can be displayed.
It seems this unit is programmed like the NN3D and the TZtouch. It would need engine data and fuel tank info so it can calculate the fuel rate. If you have a fully populated PGN 12489 on your 2000 network then it confirms this unit doesn't pull the flow rate from that sentence.

Just to clarify, I'm after display of the instantaneous fuel rate from the engine. I do not need fuel tank range calculations.

My mistake on the code quote, I should have noted PGN 127489, which is supposed to offer the following:

Oil Pressure 0 - 400 PSI
Oil Temperature 0 - 500 ° F
Temperature 0 - 500 ° F
Alternator Volts 0 - 100 Volts
Fuel Rate 0 - 800 GPH
Total Hours 0 - 999999
Coolant Pressure 0 - 400 PSI
Fuel Pressure

and PGN 127488 offers:
Engine Speed 0 - 10,000 RPM
Boost Pressure 0 - 400 PSI
Tilt-Trim Position 0 - 100 %

I can enable display of the 127488 information on my boat, but it's the 127489 codes which I'm after. The owners manual for the unit indicates these should be available.

To my understanding, the unit is receiving the sentence. When I look into the Can bus monitor, The Suzuki is listed under the Devices tab, plus there are 4 more tabs: General, TX PGN List, RX PGN List, Transmitted PGN's. The Transmit (TX)and receive (RX) lists are empty, but the Transmitted PGN's list illustrates reception of the sentences from the Suzuki by code. I saw mostly 127488 and 127489. This makes me think there must be a way to add items to the Tx or Rx list, or perhaps to the Output PGN's list in the previous Interface menu but I haven't been able to figure out how.

Is there a way to connect to the unit via the USB and enable display of this option?
Could there be newer firmware for the unit which will get display of the 127489 going?

The screen you refer to about the RX/TX listing is what we call a port monitor. It is a basic tool for troubleshooting but can not be used to change anything. A USB connection is also not allowed via this unit.

Yesterday, our dealers were notified of a new software release for the GP1670F/GP1870F. You might try the new software and see if that helps. You will find the software and update instructions posted under the SOFTWARE tab of the product. Here is a direct link to the GP1670F product page. ... ter+Combos
I found it!

In the custom page setup option, choose a configuration which includes a quarter screen. Then choose a 1/4 screen option which displays 3 or 4 data selections. Now select this 1/4 page and select data to display, and when you choose your engine, there is a FUEL option which will display fuel rate.

Talk about buried... but it IS there.
I thought you had the screen but no data showing. I guess I misunderstood.
I am glad you found the screen and have it working. :jump
Fuel rate is one thing but what about fuel used and fuel remaining. My old Garmin GPSMap 4102 plotter allows you to set the fuel tank size. If you have more than one tank, it allows you to enter the size of both tanks to give you total fuel on board. In my case....

2 x 250L tanks = 500L

When my outboards (2 x Suz) start consuming fuel it's deducted from my total fuel. It's very easy to set up and also to ADD fuel when topping up the tanks or just adding a few litres.

Example 1: If I fill up the tanks, I simply hit the "full tank" tank and it registers that I have filled the tank/s.

Example 2: If I have been using the boat and I have say 100L in my tank, I can put in another 50L in which case I ADD 50L to the fuel on board.

It works very well and Garmin have capitalised on this with the software in the GMI-10 and 20 which because of its versatility and fuel management, it is a very common replacement (and addition) digital gauge for many outboards.

I wish my Furuno GP-1870 plotter had those features!! :huh