C-MAP Question



I have a Furuno Navnet VX2 with a C-Map SD card (West Coast). The chart will sometimes display of mix of chart color/detail with white sections showing nothing. The boat icon will even transition from the color/detail section of the chart to the white section. I called the local Furuno dealer who said the chart software has varying levels of detail depending on location and zoom level. Is that right? Wouldn't chart data be displayed up and down zoom levels for the same location?
I would recommend that you ensure your unit software is up to date (4.01) and that under your chart setup you have the chart set to unlock, and your MIXING set to On.
The chart set up is unlocked but mixing is off. Both of these options are in gray and un-editable. My c-map chart shows version 4.07. I see that as the system boots up. Where do I find my software version?
You must have the bootloader version mixed with the program number. Run the self test to see the full program number. (MENU- System Config - system setup -test & clear - memory I/O test - display unit test)

If mixing is grayed out it means that you have one of the pre-setup chart configs selected. Try custom/manual then edit the items. Based on what you thought the program was, it doesn't appear to be 4.03 (current). If I was to guess, it sounds like version 3.04 bootloader 7. You should update the software when you can.
OK thanks. I think Im going to break down and pay my local Furuno rep to come set it up and give me a tutoring session. It'll be worth the money if he can square it away and teach me some basics. Ill come back here as I get more proficient. Thank You.......