Bottom discrimination consistency


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My system consists of a pair of TZT3/12s a B260 transducer and DFF3d with the TM54 transducer and a SCX20..
I primarily bottom fish in the Gulf of Mexico between 100 and 250 ft. In this fishery, being able to read the bottom composition is critical. I selected the B260 so that Bottom Discrimination would work. For some unknown reason, BD has been quite inconsistent. I can slow roll over an area, see Hard bottom, which I also mark with track color, run over it a second time and get sandy bottom on the second pass.
Are there any settings that I should adjust to improve accuracy and consistency of BD?
Apparently the B260 isn’t good for producing “tails” on the echo So I would love to improve the accuracy of BD. Also, will the DFF3D produce tails in the echo?