Bottom descirmination feature



HI I am considering a TZ14 touch with a BBDS1 sounder, will this feature work with an Airmar TM260 transducer, or would I need the DFF1 sounder?

Is there a price difference between the two sounder boxes, or do they cost the same?

The TM260 is not on the "approved" list of bottom discrimination transducers for the BBDS1. Thats not to say it won't work fine when using the bottom discrimiantion feature, but it has never been fully tested to ensure accuracy of the bottom discrimination feature with the BBDS1. If you must use the TM260 as your primary transducer, you might just want to install the DFF1 instead. To answer your other question, the BBDS1 has a list price of $1,500 while the DFF1 has a list price of $900. Both units offer outstanding fish finding capabilities. You will not be disappointed with either choice.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

Thanks Stickman, what sort of depth could I expect from the DFF1 ? I currently have a Raymarine DSM 300 with TM 260, which get around 600 meters in good conditions, would the DFF1 be a match for that, or better ?

You should be able to do slightly better than 600M. Running the DFF1 off of a properly installed 1kW TM260 could get you as much as 800M in 50kHz. The DFF1 works much like the Furuno FCV587, it just doesn't have the bottom discrimination feature.