Blue screen of death



I just had a weird thing happen on my TZT14 - the display went to a blue wave pattern divided into 3 sections, "undo" and "redo" buttons top left corner, and "timeline" buttons bottom left. Nothing I pressed got me out of this screen, except holding the top button for 10 sec, which brought some sort of a reset menu. The only thing that got me back to working conditions is when I chose to reset all data etc.

Now I am back to normal, the only thing that changed is that on my RD33 (both of them) I lost the depth. The depth source is set to can bus, and I have a BBDS1. The transducer works and the readings and bottom discrimination picture show up on the TZT. However, no matter what source (TZT, NAV700, CanBus, NMEA0183) I set on the RD33, I get 3 dashes for depth. This only happened since I reset the TZT.

Is there an explanation for this and a way t fix it?
Sounds like a power/grouding issue or maybe a touch screen monitor that is connected which is not compatible. When you factory clear a unit, all the settings go back to default so you will need to restore your saved settings or setup the unit like it was new.
You need to re-enable the correct PGN output on the TZT to output depth data to the RD33.