best transducer for fcv1150 for bottom fishing


i have the mfd12 and the maxsea tz plot (pbg) and work with it for fishing with 1 kw the ca50/200-12m
its not so good for deep drop fishing after 200 m so i buy the fcv1150 and im looking for 2 transducers one for LF and one for HF for bottom fishing to 600-700m
after i read allmost the all forum but i not quit soure what is the best recomennded transducer for my new fcv1150 and the difrent
i find the 50f 24h 3kw i good price and the ca200b-8b alsso in good price.
what the difrent ca50bl-24hr to 50f 24h?
and who have test and can ofer me what is the best transducer for my new fcv1150
i have fg boat 30ft and outboard yamaha 250 so im fishing in deep water fast and not slow
thanks for all yours tips
You cant sound fast in that depth deal with that then we can help you with trannys
i will consider the r209 or the r309
what is beter for deep drop fishing in 300- 650 meter deep
or may be you offer two difrent transducer ?