BBWX2 Audio



I have a VX2 with the BBWX2 satellite receiver. My question is can I connect the BBWX2 to a separate stereo? Or do a need to buy a separate tuner to attach to my Sirius ready stereo system? I have seen BBWX2 audio cables for sale, do I simply connect a separate audio cable to the BBWX2 and connect to an AUX port on the back of my stereo?

The BBWX2 was only sold as a weather unit. The audio features designed into the hardware can only be tuned using the NN3D system which has some "Beta-ish" software that allowed the feature to work. It can not be controlled by any Sirius ready device. That feature was never sold or fully implemented. There are many NN3D customer who use the audio, but only they can.