AIS Integration



Will AIS integrate with the TZtouch and radio to simplify communication with another vessel ?

Thanks for all the response. I understand from your last response that the software has not been released. I am in the process of an equipment upgrade and making final decisions that hopefully include a future TZtouch.
Can you give an example of what you have in mind? The NavNet TZ touch has planned suppport (via NMEA 2000) for DSC and AIS; if that is what you are asking.
I would like to be able to select a ship indicated on the chartplotter by AIS then communicate via DSC without having to enter information into my VHF. I beleive there are VHF radios on the market that can recieve information from a chartplotter.
That is an excellent idea. I haven't heard of this being a new feature with the NavNet TZtouch, so I would have to say "No" at this point, but I will pass it to product development and up the chain. Thanks
Johhny: can you outline just what the 'DSC upgrade' was with the 2.07 software upgrade? What functionality did we gain from that? (And I agree with the previous post-er, that it would be good to be able to 'right click' on a DSC target shown on the plotter and get a window allowing a VHF call to be made Garmin and others are doing now).

Your question is a bit off topic since you are asking about the NN3D under the NavNet TZtouch.

Basically the NN3D didn't support DSC, prior to 2.07 software release. The 2.07 update added support for the MFD to accept DSC/DSE calls and plot the target on the plotter when received from the radio. The DSC (Digital Selective Calling) message information feature provides, on the chart plotter and radar displays, the MMSI no. and position of the ships that have transmitted a DSC message to you. A hexagon-shaped marker marks a ship’s position.
The marker is color-coded according to the type of DSC message sent, red for distress and dark-blue for non-distress.

The DSC list, found in the [Targets] menu, lets you list the MMSI no. of 10 ships from which you have received a DSC message. To help you identify a ship quickly on the chart plotter and radar displays, you can replace the MMSI no. indication with the name of your choice; for example, ship’s name. There is also a DSC tab in the MFD where you can nickname the DSC MMSI numbers so that you know who the person is quickly.

You will find this covered starting on page 1-25 of the current operator's manual. If you don't have the current manual, it can be downloaded directly from our web site. Here is a direct link: ... -14-11.pdf