AIS input on VX2 port 2 at 38.4kbs



If I have AIS data coming into port 2 on the VX2 at 38.4kbs, will the output on port 2 be active for GLL output to a VHF?

I want t connect at Standard Horizon GX2150 that has AIS built in. It needs the input of location data and output of AIS data to both run at 38.4kbs.

I think I read somewhere that if port 2 is set up for AIS input, then that is all port 2 can provide (no output).

This doesn't seem correct as the options for port 2 baud rate still allows output sentence options and 38.4kbs baud rate option within the VX2 port options.
Our official stance -when port 2 (on a 10.4" NN2 display) is configured for AIS use- is that it becomes AIS input only. However, RMC, ZDA, and HDT sentences are output at 38.4K baud, are not controllable and may not be useable/reliable. In other words, the "Select SNTNC" settings have no effect. In your case, if the GX2150 will accept RMC as a source of position (like most VHF radios), then it should work. GLL is not available as an output.
Hello Reaper,
Following up on your "Official stance" statement I have a question. First the background.

I am using VX2 (V4.01) NMEA port 2 as input from an Actisense NGW-1 n2k to 0183gateway running at 4800bps and all is working well with all nav data/sentences(spd, dpth,pos L/L etc) being passed/processed to the VX2. I added a Vesper AIX and updated the NGW-1 to pass the AIS data and change the BPS to 38400 on both the NGW and VX2. The VX2 processes the AIS and nav data and displays as expected for about 90 seconds after which all data stops being processed? The 0183 data is still being received/displayed on the monitor page but not being processed by the VX2 display? If I power/recycle the VX2 then I get another 90 seconds?

Am I violating some "official stance" here and if so do you know a way around it? Any help appreciated.

If I understand you correctly, you now have both "nav data" and AIS coming in data2. If I am correct, then yes, once you added AIS, that violates the rule/"official stance". When AIS is input into data2, that's all that can be input on that port. If port 4 is available, you can have your nav data info come in there at 4800 baud with another NGW-1 using a 7-pin NMEA cable.
Will give your suggestion a shot and let you know the outcome.
thank you for the quick response.
I connected a Simrad AT10 at 4800 BPS (n2k to 0183) to port 4 as suggessted and now have both AIS targets and all nav data being displayed on the VX2. Again thank you for the quick and detailed advice. Problem solved......