Adding NMEA2000 Smart Sensor to FI504



I have a TZ14/DFF1/B164 w/ an FI504 on the network for use as a Depth repeater. The B164 performance in shallow water is suboptimal. I would like to add a smart sensor (either through hull or in hull) to read depth in shallow water (less than 20f on the ICW). Do I need to remove the FI504 from the network and set it up w/ the smart sensor as a stand alone or can I plug the smart sensor into the second NMEA 2000 port and leave the FI504 on the network? Does this even make sense? Thanks in advance.
As long as your NMEA 2000 backbone has enough power to support it; you would add a NMEA 2000 smart sensor to your existing NMEA 2000 network.