585 with SS264w Settings



Hi all, have just completed the install of the ss264w 50 and 200 transducers.

I have been using the 585 for a few years now but only with a 600w transducer.

Can anyone help with some settings to start with.

I prefer to use the unit in manual mode and shifting range, I will also be using the split screen 50/200 for game fishing.

Thanks Tim
The basic settings should remain the same i.e. screen advance 1/1, power 100%, TX Rate at 10 and TVG medium. I would concentrate on your Gain and Clutter settings, but it's very hard for me to said use X for your Gain and Y for your Clutter without seeing the sounder. Also know that ACCU-FISH wasn't designed to use a wide beam 200Khz transducer so that mode will be inaccurate.

Thanks, I was also thinking colour erase 5%, interference low, clutter im not sure about with these transducers but will stay at 0% and workup. Whiteline 5%?
I am testing this weekend and will post some pics.

Thanks for the help