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I have an old fcv-582L on my scarab with an in hull transducer. I took the boat out yesterday and am not getting any readings on the screen, no depth measurement or any other info besides a . The screen lights up and when I put it into auto mode it tries to read at 3 or 4 different depths and then just gives me a flat bottom shot. Does this mean I simply need a new transducer? My current transducer has 2 steel handles on it and is about the size of a brick. If I do need a replacement which model would be a drop in replacement?


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A picture of the transducer would be helpful.
One thing you might want to check is that the transducer tank is still filled with liquid.
This isnt my transducer but looks just like it. My boat is kept about 70 miles away so can't get a pic anytime soon. What tank needs to be filled? And with filled with what?


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Ok nevermind on tank question and what to fill with. Once I open up the tank and it is full is it safe to say the transducer is bad? Also if it isn't full then that probably is the problem correct?
I agree with Melville, it looks like what you would typically see when an in-hull transducer doesn't have enough fluid. If ran too long without fluid, you risk damaging the transducer itself. Big transducers like this need the fluid for not only coupling the transducer to the hull, but for cooling purposes too. It might be good to pull the transducer and inspect the bottom. If the surface is bubbled up due to heat, it is most likely damaged and needs replacement. If it looks okay, then fully service the fluid and give it a try.
Airmar recommends the tank be filled with Propylene glycol (non-toxic anti-freeze/coolant).
Ok, I'll give it a try and report back. Thanks for all the info.