1920 C Chart Plotter



Irecently installed a 1920C CP I just purchased a C-Map card.
What should I see when the card is inserted. It is not giving me any kind of indication.
I am concerned that there is something wrong with the card port. There is no resistance or stop when I insert the card. In fact, it went in too far and and had to retrieve with a pair of tweesers.
Maximum B-
Please verify that your NavNet vx2 has C-Map NT MAX on the chart door. The GP1920C is not a C-Map unit.
The SD card should insert with a locking click and for removal in should push in slightly and then pop out enough to grab it. If you needed tweezers then there is something wrong. If this was purchased new then contact your dealer and let them know what is happening.
If this wasn’t purchased new or purchased online you will still need to contact a local service agent to have it repaired. You can find our dealers listed on our website by clicking the “Find a Dealer” link in the upper right hand corner and putting in your zip code.
The unit could also be sent to our Camas, Washington office for repairs. Be sure to include your contact information and a complete description of the problem.
Thanks. Yes it does have C-Map NT Max on the door.
I would prefer to send to Camas, WA. This is a new unit. Should I enclose sale info for warranty? I am confused that you say the 1920 is not a Cmap unit. Please explain.
Hello Maximum B,

If the display was a GP1920C, it would use the Navionics charts. If it is a GP1920C/NT display, then it uses C-Map charts. The difference, other than the sticker on the chart door and which chart format the displays will use, is all in the software.

I concur with Melville. It does sound like the display should be looked at by an authorized Furuno agent. Certainly, going through a local service agent would save you the price of shipping the display to Furuno USA.

However, if you prefer to send it directly to Furuno USA, the address is as follows:

Furuno USA Inc.
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607

Put it to the attention of the Service Department. Be sure to include a detailed description of the issue. Also include your name, shipping address and any phone numbers where you may be reached.

I am receiving the "No Position Data" message. Can it be anything other than the GP320B antenna?
If it is the antenna, can it be repaired?

The GP320B is a sealed antenna and not repairable. Your problem could be caused by many factors like being inside a building, cut or broken cable, corrosion, settings of the display being improperly configured, or GP320 damaged from water because of being stored sideways or upside down. I would recommend contacting our tech support while you are at the boat to see if we can't resolve your problem over the phone. A problem like this is rarely the display unit.
Thanks. It is not interfearance from anything. We were out on the water and dismounted it and held it above everything else. I have gone completely through the set up several times with the same results. I have succesfully installed Sirius Weather. I guess I will just pull it out and check the wire.
In the settings of the Vx2; it has a port monitor that would allow you to see if the antenna is sending data into the display. (Under port setup) There is also a GPS reset under the test & clear menu. Give us a call if you need help.