1870F settings



Hi..Just got the 1870F, put the p66 525stid-pwd transducer... been on the water a couple days with it. With the mess of settings on it im having a hard time getting it set up.

things ive noticed is I can set gain to max 100 and clutter and color to 0% and it shows very little noise

if I turn up the signal offset I can turn the gain down to 80

if I switch the finder from auto to manual the screen instantly goes noisy, exactly the screen noise id expect with gain set on 100, but as the screen advances the noise is gone like there is some sort of automatic filter operating in the background

im trying to get good fish arches, I was trying it on 200 but some internet snooping said you might just get a blob on 200khz so im gonna try 50khz today

anyone have any recommendations on basic settings for ping speed, screen speed, offset, TVG etc to get strong fish arches

operating in 450 ft of water, 39-40 degrees, freshwater with approx. 30 ft of visability so pretty clear dark blue or dark green.