1830, two screens, one scanner.



Can the 1830 radar scanner be connected to two 1830 screens, with one being the master and the other as a slave? Does it require internal modification or some type of adaptor? Last would it be best to just have two scanners to duplicate the complete system?
Thanks, J.T.Duncan, 40' M/T, sedan.
The 1830 cannot be connected to 2 displays. In the past we did offer a remote for this radar, but a special buffer PCB was needed and that part is no longer available. Even with a remote display it would not have provided any redundancy. If the main unit failed the remote would not function.
If you require a simple back-up radar you might want to consider our 1623 or 1715 models.
Thank you for the reply. I wanted to place one screen on the flybridge and the other below at the interior helm. A few times I was piloting from the bridge in warm weather in poor visabality and then again the same from below in the winter where I was nice and warm. Looks like two complete systems is the way to go. Thanks again, J.T.Duncan