1734C Waypoint Size



Is there a way to increase waypoint size on the 1734C CMAP? According to the manual, the waypoint size can be increased if Navionics card is used but it cannot if a CMAP is used. This appears to be an indirect way of saying waypoint size cannot be increased without any map card.

Is there a "tech" method (i.e. from a tech settings screen) to do this?

Is there a Furuno software update?

Is there a CMAP software update?
There is no software or “tech trick” to change the size of the waypoints on the 1734C/NT.
There have been software updates issued over the years and you can check these on our website. Once you have the product page of the 1734C/NT displayed click on the software tab and open the software history document. Depending on your current software version you may or may not want to upgrade.
If you have any questions you can contact our technical group at 360-834-9300.