1715 Power Cord Problem


I've been playing with the 1715 that was given to me. I hooked it to a 12 volt battery. The display powers on fine but when I pick it up, it shuts off. When I wiggle the plug in the back of the display it comes on again. Do you think it's just a simple power cord replacement or is it the connection inside of the display? How can I confirm?
You could ohm out the power cable only and see if there is intermittent continuity. If not it is probably the connection on the unit or inside.
I had a similar problem when the boat was underway the display would power off. I found that the power board solder connections had been heated up from a bad power supply and melted the solder off of the contacts. So when moved past a certain point it would break connection and shut itself off. Make sure that the power that is feeding your system doesn't have any corroded contacts or shorts that could be causing that.