1715 array motor replacement


I was given a used 1715 recently. It is missing the array motor. Where can I order a replacement motor and how much do they typically coat? And what is the procedure to attaching the 9 pin connector in the dome? Do I need to remove the plate covering it? Seems very difficult to plug it in without removing the plate above it.
The part number for the 1715 motor is 008-502-630. The MSRP is $150. It can be ordered from any authorized Furuno USA dealer (http://www.furunousa.com/Support/DealerLocator.aspx). The connector should be able to plug in to the motor before or as the motor in put in place. The other option is to remove the plate if necessary.
Thank you for that. By the connector I mean the one that goes from the display to the inside of the dome. It's in a very tight place under a plate. Refer to picture-

Oh! I thought you were talking about the motor connector.

Yes, remove the cover plate to plug in the antenna cable connector.
Does the cable have to pass through that round part with the two halves that has a metal core before it goes to the connection under the plate?
It should be installed as shown on page 24 of the operator's manual. The cable comes in through the cable gland/nut, then the EMI core is clamped over the cable and mounted as it is connected to the circuit board. The EMI core can hinge open and clamp over the cable. The green shield wire is placed as shown in the instructions. The RF shield cover must be removed and replaced when placing the 9 pin connection to the PCB.
The gland and nut keep water out of the dome where the water enters. I would consider it essential. The tyroid core missing might be okay. It is designed to dampen noise that tries to get into the radar cable. Not having it might allow more noise into the radar which you might see signs of on the screen.
Thanks. Sorry, I meant is the core critical for the performance of the radar. I'll steal the core from the other dome I have that's missing a motor and use that.