1670f, connecting VHF to GPS/Chartplotter


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How to do tie in the VHF radio to the Chartplotter? I didn't see any instructions in the users manual. Thanks, Andy
Your question is like asking how to build a house. There are many different methods and available materials. The GP1670F is a NMEA 2000 device and would normally connect to an established NMEA 2000 backbone to speak with other NMEA 2000 devices. If your VHF radio is a newer one that supports NMEA 2000; both the GP1670F and the radio will connect to a NMEA 2000 backbone/network.

Many marine stores have starter kits for those who haven’t built a NMEA 2000 network. How a network is built is customized to the boat, and what equipment is going to be placed on the network. The more NMEA 2000 items the larger and more power the backbone should be to support it. There are many rules when following establish National Marine Electronics Association standards. Sometimes these rules can be bent slightly to make the job easier but the basic rules should never be broken. For those not familiar with NMEA 2000 there is bit of a learning curve for this new established standard. Furuno has some NMEA 2000 communication devices that are called Furuno CANbus devices because we have added a little flexibility.

Here is a great document that explains some of the basics of NMEA 2000/Furuno CANbus. (Furuno CANbus Design Guide http://furunousa.com/ProductDocuments/F ... Design.pdf )

If you are installing an older NMEA 0183 type radio, you will need a way to convert the standards (NMEA 2000 to 0183 and vice versa). This might be as simple as allowing your Furuno NavPilot 700 series (which supports both standards) convert the data for your radio or adding a dedicated converter like the Furuno IF-NMEA2k2. I will try draw up some sample drawings to show some common interfacing methods and post them here.
Thanks Johnny for your help. I was hoping to twist a couple of wires together and go fishing.... I am upgrading Chartplotter and Fishfinder and I do not have a NEMA 2000 network. My current radio is an ICOM 304 (NEMA 0183) and it wired directly to the Garmin Chartplotter to get GPS position. Based on the info above, radio may soon be a back-up since its NEMA 0183. Looks like I have some homework to do. Thanks again,
I am doing some final touches on the example drawings. I am sure you will find them very useful. I should be posting them sometime tomorrow.
Thanks Johnny, I appreciate you developing the wiring schematics. I would think #1 or #4 would fit my situation. Question: When I open the 1670f, I will find a power cable. I wire this cable directly to the 12V power source & ground w/appropriate fuse. Transducer comes directly to the unit. The Drop cable from the backbone goes to the NEMA 2000 plug in the Sonar/GPS unit. Is this correct? My homework continues...

Thanks Again Johnny