1650DF and NEMA



I have just replaced my VHF radio with one that has the NEMA inputs for GPS location. This allows the GPS Chartplotter to provide the radio with the boat's coordinates for distress calls.

I'm guessing that the 1650DF is pre-NEMA, but thought there might be a work around.
The GP1650DF supports NMEA 0183 via an optional NMEA 6 pin cable (Part# 000-154-054).
You would wire GPS NMEA 0183 to the VHF via the WHITE (+) and BLACK (-) wires.
My radio has an input for NMEA input (+), NMEA output (+), and NMEA ground (-). Does the Furuno support the 3rd wire ?

Thanks !
The GP1650 does not receive/process DSC/DSE so the connection is only "one-way". You will be wiring GPS data to the radio so that it might conduct DSC functions. You would wire using two wires. Using the information you provided, it would wire like this....

GP1650 ----------- VHF

WHITE (+) -------- NMEA INPUT (+)
BLACK (-) -------- NMEA GROUND (-)